Screw Retained Acrylic Hybrid Denture (All-On-4)

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Screw Retained Acrylic Hybrid Denture (All-On-4)

In the dynamic field of dentistry, PRO-Craft Dental Lab introduces the ultimate solution - our Screw Retained Acrylic Hybrid (All On 4), a revolution in hybrid denture technology. This design, also known as a Screw Retained Hybrid Denture, delivers strength and aesthetic appeal in a compact package, making it an ideal fixed hybrid denture when space is a premium.

What sets our Acrylic Hybrid Denture apart?

Direct-to-Implant Engagement: Featuring a robust titanium bar, this design eliminates the need for additional parts, enhancing strength and reducing variables.

Space-Efficient: Its minimal space requirement - generally no less than 15mm from the implant to the screw exit point - makes it the go-to choice for many dental professionals.

Aesthetics and Strength: This design is esthetically pleasing and stronger than its no-bar alternatives, offering an economic alternative to traditional zirconia hybrids.