Custom Abutment Implants Dental Lab China

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Custom Abutment Implants

At PRO-Craft, we fabricate our custom implant abutments using precise customization techniques and CAD technology to meet each patient’s individual dentition

 and provide a fit for any implant system. Our custom zirconia and titanium abutment implants are fabricated using our state-of-the-art approach to provide a 

delivery point for durable, long-lasting, and esthetic restorations.

PRO-Craft Dental Lab is one of the few authorized Nobel Biocare milling centers for titanium abutments. We have your back for genuine Noble Biocare parts.

Features of Custom Abutment Implants


Available in both Titanium and All-Z zirconia.

Zirconia abutments with titanium bases or our Custom Ti Bases are shade-matched the same as the final restoration.

Offer a predictable and efficient final delivery for cementable implant restorations.

Dental CAD software ensures a restoration just below the crest of the gingival surface for easy placement and cleanup.