Hybrid Denture Low Cost Dental All-on-Four Implant Restoration in China

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Hybrid Denture

Screw-Retained Hybrid Dentures are popular

replacements for removable prosthesis for

edentulous patients.

• Combination of acrylic teeth, denture base and a piece of titanium or chrome cobalt frame work

• Framework fabricated either by casting or the latest CAD-CAM technology.

• An affordable implant solution for


edentulous patients that offers esthetics and


• High accuracy and passive fit.

Hybrid Denture

This permanent longterm solution has a superior esthetic appeal. Multiple implants can be restored by a one piece prosthesis consisting of acrylic teeth and denture base, fused to a metal frame work.

• Clinicians can choose from Titanium, PEEK or Cobalt-Chrome for the metal of the framework.

Also, the manufacturing method can be chosen among CAD CAM milling and traditional casting.

• A good fit is guaranteed in both.

• Screw retained hybrid dentures provide the benefit of both, fixed and removable prosthesis.

• Can be removed only by the clinicians with a hex and other tools.

• A far better option than completely removable prosthesis for edentulous patients.

• Affordable, light in weight and esthetically and functionally superior.